Why we are Fair Trade.

Our philosophy about this changed after we read a report about working conditions for sugar cane workers in Nicaragua. we made a decision to be conscious about the lives we impact and so should you. Every purchase does make a different in someones live somewhere.

You can watch the video that i have attach for a 1 minute that sums up of what it is, who controls it, what it does to our environment and the people that it affects

DISCLAIMER: Our spiced rum is not made with Non-GMO Certification since we use flavoring agents.

We seek to empower family farmers and workers around the world, while enriching the lives of those struggling in poverty. Rather than creating dependency on aid, we use a market-based approach that empowers farmers to get a fair price for their harvest, helps workers create safe working conditions, provides a decent living wage and guarantees the right to organize.

Through direct, equitable trade, farming and working families are able to eat better, keep their kids in school, improve health and housing, and invest in the future. Keeping families, local economies, the natural environment, and the larger community strong today and for generations to come; these are the results we seek through Fair Trade.

Protecting the environment goes hand-in-hand with protecting the future livelihoods of local communities. The Fair Trade model requires rigorous protection of local ecosystems and ensures that farmers receive a harvest price, which will allow them to practice sustainable agriculture. We encourage farmers to transition to organic agriculture because it is safer for farm workers, healthier for consumers and better for the environment. Ultimately, we help farming families become the best stewards of their land.

Empowerment: We believe in empowerment and freedom of choice as means to a better world. 

Integrity: We strive to always act ethically and we value relationships built on honesty, mutual respect and trust. 

Sustainability: We engage in sustainable solutions to global problems that affect the earth and its people. 

Innovation: We transform the world through entrepreneurial creativity and lead by example. 

Excellence: We believe that quality of life, work and performance are critical to achieve our mission. 

Personal Development: Strong organizations rely on strong individuals. We encourage and support each other to realize our fullest potential, and will thereby strengthen our internal community.

Community: We value our global and internal communities' diversity of perspectives, and know that each may hold a piece of the solution. We collaborate and partner for mutual success. 

Fairness: We work to create opportunities and extend the benefits of globalization to all people, everywhere.

Impact: We build positive solutions that achieve meaningful social and environmental change in the world.

One of the most important aspects of Fair Trade is this: funds are specifically designated for social, economic and environmental development projects. However, we don’t pretend to know what’s best for each community. That’s why we’ve enabled a democratic system where each community determines how their funds are used. Click through the examples below to see how developing communities all over the world have used the funds from Fair Trade to improve their quality of life.